Traditionally, Enterprises have relied on Managed Infrastructure Service Providers (MSP) to get standardized and cost efficient services which allows Enterprises to focus on their core business while minimizing risk, increasing infrastructure up time and gain access to newer technologies.

The rapid pace of adoption of Digital technologies has changed the expectations of Enterprises which requires MSPs to deliver much higher value by becoming trusted partners and enablers in the Digital Journey of Enterprises.

Alstonia Consulting’s Managed Infrastructure Services consists of comprehensive, integrated suite of services to manage an Enterprise’s distributed and Hybrid IT environment as a single entity with single point-of accountability.

Alstonia Consulting leverages its proven transition process to ensure a smooth start of systems support services and be operational keeping criticality of operations in mind and to ensure minimal impact to operations and service levels. During Steady State Operations, Service Improvement Plans and initiatives are carried out along with support for technology transformation projects.

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Alstonia consulting has partnered with Mitel, a global telecommunications vendor, to provide businesses with a suite of unique, comprehensive, and affordable IP telephony solutions. Explore more about Mitel’s platform and the services available to your business.


VoIP allows you to make business calls over an IP network instead of traditional landlines. VoIP users experience lower costs and increased portability – no longer will you have to be glued to your desk. Explore more on our available VoIP technologies.

Carrier Services

As authorized agents for the biggest names in the telecommunications industry, we have the experience to address any telephony needs. We manage complex solutions from a variety of partners and are focused on saving you money. Explore all of our

why choose us for telecommunication services?

We have extensive experience in the telecommunication industry and the necessary know-how to offer your company an excellent return on your investment.

Our “hands on” and experienced management team will be directly involved in the success of your project.

Our services are easily scalable, cost effective and adaptable to the requirements of your company.

We use the most up to date technology for all the services that are provided to our clients and we commit to a 99.999% uptime.

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