Technology transformations, at their core, are people transformations. Many investments in new technologies never achieve their ROI simply because the people who use the technology aren’t invested enough to change their ways of working.

“Change” is then tagged onto the end when it really needs to lead the way. While an implementation partner will do everything to make sure the technology turns on when it’s time to go live (configuring systems, training users, etc), Alstonia Consulting’s role is to get employees clamoring for the new technology before it even rolls out – ready to use it to enable better business results.

we'll help you deliver digital transformation

Digital transformation can absolutely revolutionize the way your business works. But it can be risky when it comes to choosing the right technologies, services and process to achieve change, especially if you don’t have the right knowledge and skills in place. As part of our IT strategic plan, we’ll use our high-level expertise to help you deliver real digital advancements and meet your business goals, offering advice and guidance on transformative technology that will deliver results.

what drives this trend

The answer is the dire need for ‘End-user Experience’ driven by ‘Digital Capabilities’ and:

  • Workforce engagement takes precedence with the need for remote work access and continuous access to technology.
  • Data compliance and protecting information from cyberattacks and breaches
  • Increasing dependencies on external agencies, distributors and suppliers raising the need for a unified network

digital transformation services offered at alstonia consulting

To drive a digital strategy, just going digital isn’t sufficient. A business needs to develop an ecosystem facilitating digital accessibility and creating disruptive innovation strategies to leverage the full potential of digital transformation.


Unlock cloud-based solutions that are not limited by geographies.


Provide your business the mobility to stay ahead.


Enrich user experience with seamless interfaces.

Artificial Intelligence

Harness AI to make well-informed decisions.

Digital Marketing

Use new-age solutions to get the digital edge.

Internet of Things

Leverage IoT application development expertise that empowers enterprises to deliver innovative outcomes and tangible business value.

Big Data

Gain actionable insight into customers’ data for custom services.


Know the market dynamics to devise insightful strategies.

digital transformation engagement model

Our Digital Transformation Engagement Model ensures a faster, successful project completion & delivery, thereby empowering businesses to achieve their business objectives and serve their customers better.

As is Analysis

  • Digital Maturity Analysis
  • Workshop
  • IT Landscape
  • Ready made Questionnaire
  • Response Analysis


  • Design Thinking
  • Customer Journey
  • Business Architecture
  • Technology/Data Reference Model
  • IT Goals and Priorities
  • Program List


  • Target Architecture
  • Business Case
  • Program Roadmap
  • Re-Design IT Landscape


  • Program Governance/Management
  • MVP/Pilot initiatives
  • Agile and DevOps
  • Change Management

6 benefits of digital transformation with alstonia consulting

Eliminate paper and manual data records while centralizing information digitally for easy access

Automating processes cuts down time and increases efficiency in operational processes

Agile delivery approach and cloud for higher value to users and organizations

Foster fresh, innovation-based culture for your business, employees and stakeholders

Deliver enhanced customer experience with data-driven insights

Minimize costs and save numerous work hours.

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