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Changing Role of the Board on Cyber Security

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Cybersecurity is not a new reality but the next emerging priority for India Inc. Whether it is the most recent attack on the Microsoft Exchange Server that has taken the world by surprise or similar attacks that have rendered not just enterprise networks but also government assets vulnerable, the threat isn’t hiding in the dark – it is apparent […]

10 Cyber Security best practices that every employee should know

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If you’re an employee, you are on the front lines of information security. Your company may have comprehensive cybersecurity policies for you and coworkers to follow. But even with these protections, it’s important to stay on guard to help assure your company’s data and network are safe and secure. Does it make a difference if […]

How is data analytics powering the Ed-tech industry ?

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Data analytics is transforming online education in the same way the internet transformed consumer commerce. Other than the business impact that data analytics provides edTech businesses to help improve the product and processes, data analytics empowers the students at the core in two critical areas understanding their areas of strength and weakness and helping them discover new opportunities. “The pandemic […]